What conditions can Reflexology help with?

Reflexology can benefit you for many, many different conditions however listed below are the conditions that i personally have had most success with treating and my own personal experiences. 

1) IBS & Digestive problems

I would say 80-85% of my clients i treat have come to me for digestive problems, wether it's bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, or all of them! Reflexology removes harmful waste and toxins from the body triggering a systematic response - making you more regular, clearing out toxins and calming the digestive system. After 4-6 fortnightly sessions you should find some benefit then clients often have monthly top ups to keep on top of it.

2) Migraines & Headaches

Migraines and Headaches are another popular one, often related to sinus issues or stress/anxiety and hormonal imbalances - Working the Cervical spine, neck, shoulders & brain reflexes calming the nervous system. Encouraging my clients to drink more water to flush out the toxins often really helps as well. Again i would suggest 4-6 sessions weekly or fortnightly depending on your circumstances and individual case and monthly or fortnightly top ups. 

3) Insomnia/Sleep problems

Sleep problems and stress and anxiety often go hand in hand - We work by calming the solar plexus and all the body systems, making your body and mind in a relaxed state - i often give my clients homework after the session to practice at home before they go to sleep and also show them some reflex points on the hands which they can do at home themselves. For sleep issues i usually suggest treating weekly for the first 4 sessions, if only little improvement i would suggest twice weekly then go to weekly sessions for 6 weeks. Again, it all depends on your individual case and i would review this in your consultation.

4) Stress/Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety is very similar in treatment to sleep issues above, depending on your individual case i would review this but usually would treat once weekly to begin with. Working with all the body systems to create a relaxed state and also talking about worries and stress through with me, and try to figure out the cause of the stress and anxiety.  

5) Period irregularities, PMS & Hormonal Imbalances

Periods, PMS & Hormonal Imbalances are probably 75-80% of the reason my clients come to me, and i have had many clients that have been irregular and suffered with hormonal imbalances and are now more regular and have less PMS. Working with the endocrine and reproductive system mainly and working with your cycle is another key point. Depending on your circumstances i would review this during a consultation but a general PMS/hormonal imbalance client i would suggest twice monthly 6-8 sessions and monthly top ups.

There are many more conditions that Reflexology can treat and are successful for but above are the main ones i deal with on a day to day basis so feel free to ask me more!

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