L5 Clinical Reflexologist & L3 Sports Massage Therapist


In these strange uncertain times, I have been working behind the scenes in getting ready for preparation of reopening the business. I've had guidance from my insurance company and keeping in regular contact with them regarding reopening (hopefully July) but awaiting confirmation. 

Some changes to Tranquil Touch Therapies:

  • I now have a PPE screen in place in the reception area on the desk with a small hole available for my card machine, where ill be asking you to pay via card or bank transfer where you can to limit cash handling. 

  • I will be wearing some form of PPE to treatments where i see fit to do so - disposable apron, gloves and a mask. I will not be offended if you want to wear a mask to your treatment. 

  • I will be asking you to wash your hands before treatment and using the hand sanitiser available - I will be doing the same. 

  • To limit the amount of face to face contact i ask that you turn up on time promptly not early/not late to ensure no overlap of customers.

  • There will be at least 30minutes between clients and during this time i will be sterilising the treatment area and cleaning. 

  • Due to the situation i am unable to provide you with a blanket due to the risk of cross over, however i will make sure the room temperature is comfortable and is well heated/ventilated. 

  • For new clients who need a consultation i will be sending you this form via email to fill in prior to your appointment to lessen the face to face contact. 

I obviously ask that if you feel unwell or show any symptoms please contact me at the earliest convenience as we will need to postpone your appointment and please do not turn up if you are unwell - there will be no cancellation fee. 

With all this in mind, I realise that it's a new normal and i want to ensure and reassure my clients that regardless of covid-19 and new measures that need to take place my treatments and experience of your treatment will be exactly how it used to be just with a few hygiene measures in place. 

If you have any questions or queries at all please feel free to contact me: 

I'm really looking forward to opening my doors soon to you! 


[email protected]