Reflexology and Cancer

Reflexology and Cancer:

Throughout my training, one of the most interesting part of the course for me was learning about cancer & learning about 'palliative care' and helping people with cancer through complementary therapies - It was just another reason to qualify as a Reflexologist!

Luckily enough in my group we were lucky enough to have a lovely lady on the course who was training to use her Reflexology qualification for working in a hospice who was full of knowledge and had already seen the benefits of complementary therapy in a hospice from her already practising Reiki - She is completely admirable to me!

Did you know 1 in 3 Cancer patients opt to using complementary therapies alongside their treatment?

People use them to boost their emotional, physical and mental health, help some symptoms and boost their general well being & having someone to talk to.

Always speak to a Dr/GP before starting any complementary therapies.


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